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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

Voice and Video Calls via Hangouts

With the Hangouts integration feature, you can call via Google Hangouts directly from OroCRM. This means that sales team can make calls to their customers and prospects directly from OroCRM, making it faster than ever to make and log your sales calls. This feature is also great for support teams, as they can contact customers and utilize the screen sharing function for necessary support cases. Additionally, it can be used for internal communications (meetings and discussions), as it is possible to hold a session with up to five OroCRM users. Moreover, integration with OroCRM’s Calendar allows users to pre-arrange a meeting and then quickly launch a call from the event page.

Preliminary Conditions

  • Have an active Google account (if you try using the feature when not logged in, you will be prompted to log-in)
  • Have the Hangouts extension installed in OroCRM as described in the Extensions and Package Manager Guide
  • If you are using a browser other than Chrome, install a Google Hangout or Google Talk extension for the browser.
  • If you are going to call phone-numbers beyond USA and Canada, make sure there are some funds on you Google Wallet.

System Settings

I order to enable the functionality in OroCRM, go to the “System → Configuration → Integrations → Google Settings → Google Hangouts”


Start a Hangout

From a View Page

In order to start a hangout:

  • Go to the View page of the record that you want to contact (account, lead, contact, user, etc.) .

  • Hover the mouse over a phone number or an email address available on the View page.


  • Click the HObutton button

  • The “Invite Contacts to a Google Hangout” form will appear.


  • Click the Start a Hangout button
    • If you are already logged in to your Google account, the Hangout will start immediately, otherwise you will be prompted to log in.

Start a Hangout Using Phone Number

If you call your contact via their phone number, and the telephone calling has been enabled for your Google Hangouts, the call will start immediately.

Otherwise, you will be prompted to enable it:


Most calls within the USA and Canada are free, and you can pay your balance for other regions using Google Wallet.

Start a Hangout Using Email

If you call via email, the call will be initiated. You can invite other call participants (up to 5 total), remove them (click the X button by the name) or send them a link to the session.


Once the contact has joined the session, you can talk.

Start a Hangout from the Log Call Form

The Hangouts feature is also available in the Log Call form.


  • Click the Start a Hangout button to start a Hangout using the phone number.

Start a Hangout from the Calendar

The Hangout feature is also integrated with OroCRM’s Calendar. In order to start a Hangout with the users invited to an event:

  • Go to the Calendar (or the Calendar widget on the Dashboard)

  • Click the event name

  • If the event has at least one guest invited, the Start a Hangout button will be available.


  • Click the Start a Hangout button to start a Hangout using the email addresses of the first five guests.
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