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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

Integration with Microsoft Exchange Server

OroCRM Enterprise Edition supports integration with Microsoft Exchange server. This means that emails from mailboxes on the MS Exchange server can be automatically uploaded of to OroCRM.

This functionality enables using single system-wide setting to collect letters of multiple users within organization.

The following settings have to be defined in order to set up the integration:

On the MS Exchange Side

You need Microsoft Exchange Server version 2007 or newer.

The administrator of the Microsoft Exchange Server account must create at least one user with the permission to impersonate necessary accounts on the related Exchange Server – super-user.

The impersonation procedure is different subject to a specific MS Exchange version. It is described in detail in the relevant documents from the Microsoft API and reference catalog (for example, this is the document for Exchange Server 2013).

On the OroCRM Side

  • Go to System → Configuration → Integrations → Email settings
  • Check the “Enable” box and define the following details:
Name Description
Server Enter the name of your Microsoft Exchange Server instance
Version Choose the server version from the drop-down menu
Login and Password Enter the credentials of the super-user.
Domain List Define the domains, to which you will grant access. At least one domain must be defined.
  • Click the Save Settings button.

Now, if the mailbox is on this server, its domain is permitted by the integration settings, it belongs to OroCRM user and can be accessed by the super-user of Exchange Server, OroCRM will collect emails from it and save it for the user (in the User’s activities/Emails and in “My Email” section of this user).

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