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Sales Channels Overview

In order to collect and process data received from a specific source of customer-related data related to your business-to-business activities, create a Sales Channel.

The customer identity of such channels is a Business Customer.

Default Sales Channel Entities

Records of the following entities can be loaded to OroCRM from a sales channel by default:

  • Business customer: a customer identity that represents customers involved in business-to-business activities. These are usually other businesses, companies and organizations. Described in more details in the Business Customers guide.
  • Opportunity: its records represent highly probable potential or actual sales to a new or established customer. Described in more detail in the Opportunities guide.
  • Lead: its records represent people or businesses that have authority, budget and interest to purchase goods and/or services from you, where probability of the actual sales is not yet high or impossible to define. Described in more details in the Leads guide.

These entities will be added to the entity list by default once you have selected the channel type.


It is possible to add other entities to the channel, as well as delete most of the default entities from it, subject to your needs.

Details of the entity records saved in OroCRM can be processed from the OroCRM UI and used to create reports and set up related workflows. Contacts related to different entities may be used to conduct marketing activities.

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