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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

Send Email

Use the “Send Email” action to send an email from OroCRM.

The action will be available for records of entities with the “Emails” activity enabled (see step 4).


The “Emails” activity is by default enabled and cannot be disabled for the User entity in OroCRM.

  1. Go to the View page of the record.
  2. Click Send Email in the actions tab of the record.
  3. The “Send Email” form will appear. The form has the following fields:
Name Description

The sender’s address. By default, the field is filled in with the primary email address of the user, who is creating the email.

To clear the field, click the x button.

If the field is clear, you can enter another email address. The field cannot be empty and only one address can be defined.

To, Cc and Bc

Recipients of the email. By default, the field is filled in with the primary email address of one of the contacts assigned to the record (if any).

To clear the field, click the x button.

Click the Cc or Bcc button to define emails for a carbon copy or a blind carbon copy of the email.

At least one of the fields (To, Cc or Bcc) must be filled in.

Subject* A topic of the email. The field must be filled in.
Apply template You can choose an email template to use from the drop-down menu.
Type* Choose whether you want to use html or plain text for the email. The type is by default set to html.
Body Define the email body.
Context Select the records in OroCRM related to this email.

For example, we have created an email for the contact Jeffrey Maynard:

  • The “From” field was automatically filled in with an email address of the user John Doe.
  • The “To” field was filled in with the email address of the contact.
  • We’ve chosen the Happy Birthday template, which automatically defined the subject and body.
  • This email is related to the chosen contact.


You can manually change any of the field values as required.

  1. Click the Send button and the email will be sent.


Some default email settings also depend on the related configuration settings.

View and Process Emails

All the emails sent for a record are displayed in and can be reached from the Record Activities section on the View page:


You can use the action icons to

  • Reply to the email: email_reply. A form similar to the initial Send Email form will appear.

  • Forward the email: email_forward. A form similar to the initial Send Email form will appear.

  • Define a record in OroCRM related to the email: email_context

    • The Add Context Entity form will appear.


    • Choose the entity (account, B2B customer, etc.) from the drop-down menu and choose a specific record from the grid.


If an email has been created from an entity record view page (e.g. from the Lead’s page), this record will be added as a context automatically.


To see the details, click on the email title or on the + to the left of it.


Add Attachments

To add an attachment to the email, use the “From Record” and “Upload” links at the email form.

  • Click “Upload” and choose the file to be attached from your computer.
  • Click “From Record” to re-use an attachment from another email in the thread or to choose an attachment assigned to the records.
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