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Calendar Event View Page


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On the upper-left of the page, you can see the calendar event title. Next to it you can see the calendar event status—whether it has been accepted, tentatively accepted, or declined.

The next row contains a list of contexts associated with this calendar event. To delete a calendar event context, click the x icon next to it. See the Remove a Context from a Calendar Event action description.

The following set of action buttons is available in the upper-right part of the page:

General Section

This section contains the main information about a calendar event.

Field Description
Title The event name.
Description What the event deals with, what it is about.
Start The day and time when the event starts.
End The day and time when the event ends.
All-Day Event Whether the event takes the whole day.
Guests Users that are invited to the event. Click a user name to open the user view page. The icon before the user name shows how the guest has responded to the invitation. See Response Status Icons
Recurrence The schedule of the repeating event.
Call Via Hangout Whether the event is a Google Hangout meeting.

Response Status Icons

  • Not Responded—This is a basic status of the invitation. It appears in the following cases:
    • You have not given any response to the invitation.
    • You are an event owner and are not required to respond.
  • Accepted—You have agreed to attend an event (you have responded Yes to an event invitation).
  • Tentatively Accepted—You are not sure whether you are going to visit an event (you have responded Maybe to an event invitation).
  • There will be no icon in the following cases:
    • You are not going to attend an event and have declined the invitation (you have responded No to an event invitation).
    • This is the event from the system calendar.
    • The calendar record represents a task.


In this section you can find comments made by users for a calendar event.

Click the Comment button to add your comment. For more information, see the Comment a Calendar Event action description.

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