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Dashboard Widgets

Widgets for Sales

Specifically for business sales, there are a number of dashboards widgets available that can simplify day-to-day sales process activities. These widgets give concise overview on what is happening with the sales at any point in time:

  • Business Sales Channel Statistics
  • Forecast
  • Leads List
  • Opportunities List
  • Opportunities by Status
  • Opportunities by Lead Source
  • Campaign Leads
  • Opportunity-generating campaigns
  • Campaigns by Close Revenue and others.

You can read more on how to create and manage dashboards in this section of the guide.

Add Widgets

  • To add a new widget, click Add Widget in the top right corner of the dashboard:


  • To search for a widget, type its name in the search field.


  • To add a new widget from the list, click Add.



You can add the same widgets a number of times and assign them different owners.

Manage Widgets

Widgets can be easily managed and filtered. A number of widgets can be created for various team members. For instance, a sales manager can create the same widgets for each sales rep within the organization to be able to see results of each sales rep’s work.


The header of each widget contains the following actions (as illustrated in the screenshot above):

  1. Collapse/Expand button: if a widget has been collapsed, only its header will be displayed on the dashboard.
  2. Widget name: widget title displayed on the dashboard.
  3. Move button: click the button and hold the mouse button to move the widget around the dashboard.
  4. Configuration button: click the button to adjust the widget. You can change various settings, depending on the widget type, for instance:



  1. Widget title: the name displayed on the dashboard.
  2. Business unit: select the business unit to present statistics for.
  3. Role: select the user’s role (e.g. a sales manager, an administrator, a leads development rep, etc.) to see statistics for.
  4. Owner: select the owner for the widget to see statistics for a certain user.
  5. Date range: time for which the widget details are displayed.
  6. Compare with previous period: tick this option if you wish to compare statistics for the current and the previous periods and see it displayed in the dashboard widget.
  7. Other widget details (depending on widget type).
  1. Delete button: delete the widget from the dashboard.


The specified owner and date range are displayed at the bottom of the widget:


List of Widgets

Business Sales Channel Statistics

Business Sales Channel Statistics displays a set of metrics that indicate performance of your sales channels.


These statistics give information on the number of new and open leads, new opportunities count and amount, as well as the count and value of won opportunities to date.


Forecast widget displays expected sales potential: the forecast of opportunities, including opportunities in progress, total and weighted forecasts, total and weighted intermediate forecasts.



Leads List

This widget displays a list of leads that can be configured to show only leads in certain conditions, e.g. only open leads owned by the current user.



Opportunities List

This widget displays a list of opportunities that can be configured to show only opportunities in certain conditions, e.g. only open opportunities owned by the current user.



Opportunities by Status

The widget displays the breakdown of opportunities by status in a form of a bar chart.



You can select whether to display opportunities amount or count, as well as select the necessary data range, role, owner, etc.

Opportunities by Lead Source

The widget displays the breakdown of opportunities by lead sources in a form of a pie chart.



Campaign Leads

This widget shows you the number of leads generated by 5 most recently created campaigns in a form of a bar chart.



Opportunity-generating campaigns

The widget shows you top 5 campaigns that generate the biggest number of opportunities.



Campaigns By Close Revenue

The widget shows the top 5 campaigns that generate the most income.



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