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Security Basics

Access and Permissions Basics

The functionality built within OroCRM can enhance your CRM process. However, different members of the team will require different information and tools. For instance, the needs of marketing associates are different from those of support teams or company management. Because of this, OroCRM allows a good deal of flexibility when it comes to adjusting access and permission settings. This helps to ensure that all information is safe but still easily available. All users will be able to use the features and capabilities that they require.

This guide will explain the basic ideas that make up the access and permission settings. If you are the system administrator, please address the Access and Permissions Management guide.

Log Actions in the System

Whether a workflow has been defined for entity records, or users can process it in any order, it is important to know what actions have been performed with a record, as well as by whom. Who has turned this cart into an order? Who has closed an opportunity? Who has deleted a customer? Who has changed contact details? In order to know the answers, you can use OroCRM’s data audit functionality

A detailed description of the data audit functionality is available in the History of Changes guide.

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