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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

MS Outlook Integration Settings

Integration with Microsoft Outlook is available for the OroCRM Enterprise Edition only. The integration allows automatic synchronization of all the contacts, tasks and calendar events available for the user can be synchronized with the specified Outlook account and vice versa.

In order to enable data synchronization from OroCRM go to My User and click the link to download the add-in to integrate with your Outlook client.

Wait for the download to finish and run the installation process.


MS Outlook Add-in

To modify the code to alter the add-in look, go to System>Configuration>System Configuration>Integrations>MS Outlook settings>MS Outlook Add-in.

In the example below, you can see the add-in default look:


Integration Settings

You can configure the set of entities to be synchronized, synchronization direction, synchronization intervals and priority of the conflict resolution.

For this, navigate to System>Configuration>System Configuration>Integrations>MS Outlook settings>Integration Settings.

Setting Description Possible Values Default Value
Sync Direction The data synchronization direction
  • OroCRM to Outlook
  • Outlook to OroCRM
  • Biderectional
Conflict Resolution Conflict resolution strategy to be used if the same data has been changed in both Outlook and CRM
  • OroCRM always wins
  • Outlook always wins
OroCRM always wins
CRM Sync Interval (In Seconds) How often changes on the CRM side will be checked Any numeric value from 1 to 86399 120
Outlook Sync Interval (In Seconds) How often changes on Outlook side will be checked Any numeric value from 1 to 86399 30

Synchronization Settings

Checking Contacts, Tasks and Calendar Events enables synchronization of these records.

More information on MS Outlook integration with OroCRM can be found in the relevant Synchronization with Outlook guide.

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