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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

How to Translate the Oro Project

Oro products support many internationalization functions including multiple languages and translations. All translatable strings are defined in each bundle translation domain files and are available via the translation management service CrowdIn. This service allows to easily collaborate on the translation process and to enable more supported languages.

To take part in the localization, you need to:

  1. Join the translation team.
  2. Propose your translations.
  3. Wait and see your translations added to the system and apply it or contact the Oro team.

Join the Translation Team

  1. Sign up and create your profile at the Crowdin (or sign in, if you already have the profile):

    1. Click the Crowdin link at the ‘Community –> Localization’ page.
    2. Follow the link in the confirmation Email to activate you account.
  2. Click OroCRM link to offer translations for OroCRM or Oro Platrom to offer translations for OroPlatform.

    The project page will appear.

  3. Choose the language to which you want to translate.

  4. A ‘“You must join the translators team to be able to participate in this project.”’ note will appear above the language list. Click the Join button.

  5. The Request form will appear. Define why you want to join the translation team and click the Join button.

    1. Your request will be reviewed by the Oro team. Upon approval, you will get another Email from Crowdin.
    2. Click the Get Involved button in the letter you received.

Propose Your Translations

  1. Log in at
  2. Hover the mouse over the “Translation” column of the necessary project and click Go to Translations.
  3. Choose the language of your translation team.
  4. Choose the Oro bundle and file for which you want to translate.
  5. Translate as described in the Crowdin tutorial at

What Happens Next?

  1. After you have proposed the translation, it will be queued for proofreading and can also be voted by other translators.
  2. If the translation was approved:
  • it will be marked with a green check
  • it will be moved to the end of the list on the translation page
  1. Approved translations are merged once a day. Once the translation was approved, it will become available from the System –> Configuration –> Language Settings page.

Apply the Translation

  1. Go to the the System –> Configuration –> Language Settings page.
  2. Check the Available Translations grid:
  • If the Download button is available and the “Translation status” column is empty, the translation has not been loaded by you. Click the Download button.
  • If the translation has been loaded and its status is Up to date, you can Enable it (Enable).
  • If the translation has been loaded and enabled, you can Disable it (Disable).
  • Once new translations have been merged, the status will change to “Update needed”. Click the Update button. New translations will be added and the status will be changed back to “Up to date”
  • The settings will be applied, once you have clicked the Save Settings button in the top right-hand corner of the page. Enabled languages will appear in the “Supported Languages” field and in the “Default Language” drop-down.

How and When to Contact Oro about Translations

In order to contact the Oro team about a translation issue, please use the contact link in the “Owner” section (left-hand side of the project page).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us from Crowdin if:

  • your translation has been marked as approved for over one day and has not appeared at the site
  • your translation is still in “not approved” status (there is a green dot near it in the list) for too long
  • you want to become a proofreader for a certain language
  • you have any other question and issue with translations that are not covered in this guide and the Crowdin tutorial.
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