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User Guide: Getting Started

OroCRM is a highly flexible open source CRM. It can be easily custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and to make all sales, marketing, support, and administrative activities appear familiar, convenient for your employees, and as a result, efficient.

With OroCRM you can easily:

  • Store and process all kinds of customer data.
  • Record and analyze your customer interactions.
  • Manage your sales from a prospect to a close deal.
  • Manage your marketing campaigns and other marketing activities.
  • Provide support for clients and stuff.
  • Engage into eCommerce using extensive Magento integration.

This guide will provide you with the overview of all capabilities, tools, and functions of OroCRM.

It is divided into sections that gradually explain the system from the very basics (e.g. setting up a user profile and generic data management tasks) to more advanced CRM concepts (e.g. the contact and account management). The more specialized areas (handling sales, marketing, and support-specific duties, etc.) are described in the User Guide: Roles.

The OroCRM Users and Their Benefits page will help you find out which sections of this guide are most relevant for your work duties.

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