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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

Add Attachment

You can add an attachment to a record in OroCRM.


Attachments are available only for the entities for which they are enabled.


The attachment settings depend on the specific entity settings. See step 5 of the Create and Entity action description.

Add Attachments

Once a record has been created, an attachment can be added from its View page.


The ability to view and upload attachments depends on the permissions defined for the entity.

  • Go to the record view page.
  • Click the Add Attachment action button.
  • In the form emerged:
    • Choose the file to attached.
    • Leave a comment, if necessary.
    • Define the attachment owner. Only the owner and users with whose roles that enable management/viewing of the owner’s attachments will be able to manage/view the attachment.

View and Manage Attachments

The attachment is now available from the record View page in the grid in the Attachments section:


From the grid, you can

  • Delete the attachment: IcDelete
  • Get to the edit form of the attachment: IcEdit

You can also add the attachment to emails related to the record.

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