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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

Recent Calls Widget

This widget displays the list of recently logged calls.


Widget’s Header

Expand / Collapse the Widget

Click + / in the upper-left corner of the widget to expand / collapse it.

Move the Widget

Click the IcMoveW Move icon and drag-and-drop the widget to move to another part of a dashboard.

Remove the Widget

Click the IcDelete Delete icon to remove the widget from a dashboard.

Open the Calls Grid

Click the View All link to open the calls grid.

Configure the Widget

Click the IcConfigure Configure icon to set parameters for a widget.

To change a widget title, clear the Use default check box, and enter a new widget name into the Widget title field.

The rest of the available fields enable you to filter the displayed calls. By default, the widget shows all available calls. You can filter the displayed calls by the following parameters:

  • Business Unit
  • Role
  • Owner

To filter calls, click the corresponding field, and select the desired values from the list.


You can always see what filters are currently selected in the lower part of the widget.



The widget displays the following information about the calls:

Field Description
  • IcOutgoing Outgoing—The call was outgoing.
  • IcIncoming Incoming—The call was incoming.
CALL DATE The date and time when the call was started.
SUBJECT What the call was about.
PHONE NUMBER A number that the call was made to / from.

View a Call Card

Click on the call log subject in the list to view a call log card:


Sort Calls

Click on the CALL DATE column header to sort calls by date and time when call was made.

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