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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

Today’s Calendar Widget

This widget displays events planned for today and your tasks due today. The events displayed may belong to your personal calendar or other calendars that you watch. The list of calendars that you can see is the same as selected on the My Calendar page.


Widget’s Header

Expand / Collapse the Widget

Click + / in the upper-left corner of the widget to expand / collapse it.

Add a Calendar Event

Click the New Event button to add a new calendar event. See the Add a Calendar Event action description.

Move the Widget

Click the IcMoveW Move icon and drag-and-drop the widget to move to another part of a dashboard.

Remove the Widget

Click the Delete icon to remove the widget from a dashboard.

Open the Calls Grid

Click the My Calendar link to open the My Calendar page.

Configure the Widget

Click the Configure icon to set parameters for a widget.

To change a widget title, clear the Use default check box, and enter a new widget name into the Widget title field.



At the top of the calendar you can see today’s date.

Events in the calendar take cells that reflect the time when an event starts and its duration.

An icon in the upper-left corner of the event cell represents the invitation status depending on whether the invitation has been accepted:

  • Not Responded—This is a basic status of the invitation. It appears in the following cases:
    • You have not given any response to the invitation.
    • You are an event owner and are not required to respond.
  • Accepted—You have agreed to attend an event (you have responded Yes to an event invitation).
  • Tentatively Accepted—You are not sure whether you are going to visit an event (you have responded Maybe to an event invitation).
  • There will be no icon in the following cases:
    • You are not going to attend an event and have declined the invitation (you have responded No to an event invitation).
    • This is the event from the system calendar.
    • The calendar record represents a task.

The Reminder icon in the upper-left corner appears when the event owner configured sending reminders about the event.

Manage Events / Tasks

From the calendar you can add, view a calendar event, respond to it, edit and delete it, start a hangout meeting, remove a context from a calendar event.

See the action descriptions:

You can also view, edit, and delete tasks. See the action descriptions:

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