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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

Dashboard Widgets

Oro dashboard widgets are small applications that perform a single function and serve as blocks that you can use to build your dashboard with.

You can add widgets in any combination and move them around the page creating a dashboard that displays content in a way most convenient to you (see Add Widgets). Many widgets are customizable: you can set a custom name for them, apply filters to the data that widgets display and so on.


Quick Launchpad

Recent Emails

Today’s Calendar

Recent Calls

Recently Accessed Contacts

Recently Accessed Accounts

Opportunities List

Opportunities by Lead Source

Opportunities by Status

Opportunity Statistics

Leads List

Lead Statistics

Opportunity-generating campaigns

Campaigns by Close Revenue and others

Campaign Leads

Average Lifetime Sales


My Sales Flow B2C

Average order amount

New Magento Customers

Ecommerce Statistics

Revenue over time

Orders over time

Purchase Funnel

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