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Administrator Guide


This section groups the guidance and reference information on hardware and software configuration for Oro application components, users and role management (including the data and access level restrictions), system monitoring tools, and Oro application extensions installation.


The Configuration section of Administrator Guide walks your though all post-install configuration settings of the Oro application. In particular, you will learn how to set up general system configuration options, as well as settings specific for CRM and marketing.

See a short video on using configuration options and orienting in the configuration guide:

Before You Begin

Settings in Oro application can be managed on multiple configuration levels. Throughout the configuration guide, these levels are marked with the corresponding icons to help you navigate through the settings. You can find more information on levels and graphics in the following topics:

Fundamental Configuration Settings

Configuration Levels


This section provide a reference for the settings accessible via the System > Configuration menu and Configuration menu of the organization, website, and user.

Domain-specific Groups of Configuration Settings

Advanced Configuration Settings


This section provide a reference for the settings accessible via the System menu (other than System > Configuration).

For more information, see the following sections:

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