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The following guide describes how you can configure taxonomies in your Oro application which located under System > Tag Management > Taxonomies in the main menu.


Taxonomy is a way to group things together. In your Oro application, you can group tags in taxonomies, and to every taxonomy you can assign a distinctive color to clearly identify different groups of tags that might serve different purposes.


See a short demo on how to create taxonomies, or continue reading the guidance below.

Create Taxonomy

Once you have reached the Taxonomies page, you can create a new taxonomy by clicking Create Taxonomy in the top right corner.


Next, define the following fields:

Field Description
Owner Limits the list of users who can manage the taxonomic unit.
Name Specify the name for your taxonomic unit.
Color Select the color for the taxonomic unit. Tags within this unit will have the same color assigned to them.

Click Save and Close when you are done.


Manage Taxonomies From the Taxonomies List

Within the taxonomies list, you can:

  1. View the details of a taxonomic unit:

  2. Edit a taxonomic unit:

  3. Delete a taxonomic unit from the system:

  4. Filter taxonomies:

  5. Configure grid settings for taxonomies:

    ../../../_images/manage_tags_grid_7.png ../../../_images/tags_grid_settings_8.png
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