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User Guide: Marketing

Before You Begin

OroCRM embedded marketing activities use the following basic concepts:

A Marketing list is a list of contacts segmented according to conditions which are defined for the purpose of bulk emailing or telephone outreach. In your Oro application, virtually every entity is available as a marketing list target. For instance, marketing lists can be created based on accounts (primary email of a default contact is used), or, if you are using OroCommerce, from customer users, quotes, orders, and shopping lists.

Marketing lists can be used to run Email Campaigns in OroCRM and synchronize with Subscribers Lists in MailChimp and/or address books in dotMailer.

You can send an email campaign generated in your Oro application, without involvement of external marketing automation applications. This means that once you have defined the rules for generation of a Marketing List and have created an Email Template, you can easily set-up an email campaign, within which all the contacts on the list will receive personalized emails in compliance with the campaign. You can then collect statistics for such campaigns and create reports.

Campaign records in OroCRM are used to define general details of the marketing activity and monitor its flow and results. You can include any amount of Email Campaigns and Tracking Website records into one Campaign and get the full picture to evaluate the campaign efficiency.

Marketing Automation

In Oro applications, you can manage, perform, and track the results of your marketing activities, like email campaigns and website activities tracking:

You can integrate with the external services (MailChimp and dotmailer) and synchronize marketing campaign configuration and results between these services and Oro application.

In Oro application and external systems, you can launch marketing campaigns distributed via email to the custom group of contacts. The custom group is generated as marketing list.

Once the marketing efforts get their results, you can monitor the collected marketing information in the context of the customers, leads, and many more perspectives

note:Enable or disable marketing automation in Oro application via the system configuration.

Via Oro Application

In Oro application, you can use the following marketing tools:

  • Marketing Lists — Group email data into a target marketing list. It may be automatically generated using flexible filters and may contain any record with an email information, like leads or customer users.
  • Marketing Campaign — Track statistics of the marketing efforts related to the same marketing campaign.
  • Email Campaigns — Schedule or send an email campaign that uses a marketing list as a target audience and may optionally be related to the existing marketing campaign and monitor the results.
  • Website Tracking — Generate a javascript tracking code that may be embedded in your or third-party websites to track users activity that brings valuable insight into your customer needs and your marketing efforts.


Configure tracking settings in Oro application via the system configuration.

Via dotmailer

Oro applications supports out of the box integration with dotmailer, allowing you to:

  • Map the Marketing Lists to address books in dotmailer and keep them synchronized.
  • Use your address books to create email campaigns in dotmailer and import them to Oro application.
  • Create new contact data fields to capture and/or contain additional information about your contacts.
  • Use dotmailer campaign statistics and Oro application reporting tools to analyze the campaign efficiency.

To learn, how to configure dotmailer integration, please refer to the dotmailer Configuration guide.

For dotmailer settings in Oro application, see dotmailer Integration Settings guide.

To find out how to send an email campaign via dotmailer, please read the Sending Email Campaign via dotmailer guide.

Information on data fields and mappings can be found in the related Manage dotmailer Data Fields and Mappings guide.

Finally, if you wish to configure dotmailer single sign on, please follow the steps in the dotmailer Single Sign-on guide.

Via Mailchimp

Oro application supports out of the box integration with MailChimp, enabling you to do the following:

  • Map the Marketing Lists as segments in MailChimp and keep them synchronized.
  • Use existing segments in MailChimp and import them to Oro application.
  • Schedule importing statistics of the MailChimp campaigns into Oro Application.

To use MailChimp with Oro application, ensure that all the necessary integration steps are complete. See MailChimp Integration for more information.

After the integration is configured, you can Send Email Campaign via MailChimp.

Website Tracking

With Oro Tracking Websites functionality, you can learn how many users have visited your website from links within a specific marketing campaign and what these users’ actions at the site were. For the detailed guide on how to create a Tracking Website record and add the generated code to the web pages you want to monitor, see the Tracking Websites topic.

Marketing Tools for Magento

Magento Web Tracking

To improve marketing and sales performance, OroCRM provides a tool that tracks user behavior data from your Magento Store.

OroCRM Tracking extension adds a pre-configured tracking code to your Magento store and collects the following events:

  • Page views
  • Registration of new users
  • Items added to carts
  • Start of order checkout
  • Successful order placement

These events are recorded in OroCRM making it possible for you to track your customer activity.

For how to configure such tracking, see Magento Web Tracking topic.

RFM Analysis for Magento Customers

In OroCRM the RFM metrics are available for Magento customers. It is based on customer order history and helps evaluate customers from the following points:

  • Recency — How long ago did the customer create their last order?
  • Frequency — How often does the customer make orders?
  • Monetary value — How much money did the customer spend on the orders?

More information on how RFM is configured in your Oro application can be found in the RFM analysis topic.

Magento Newsletter Subscribers

To facilitate integration between Oro and Magento, OroCRM enables customers to see the list of Magento newsletter subscribers. More details on how to upload it into your Oro application, follow the guidelines described in Magento Newsletter Subscribers topic.

Magento Abandoned Cart Campaigns

OroCRM’s Magento Abandoned Cart Campaign functionality enables users to receive additional store revenue by increasing conversion of abandoned carts.

To increase this conversion, OroCRM allows to:

  • Segment the necessary carts from all the carts available in OroCRM.
  • Synchronize customer and cart data with MailChimp.
  • Create an ongoing automation campaign in MailChimp for all carts that become abandoned.
  • Receive statistics on clicks and opens to monitor email campaign effectiveness.
  • Trace orders resulted from the email campaign to evaluate cart conversion and economic benefit.

The relevant Abandoned Cart Campaigns guide will take you through the process of sending such campaigns step by step.

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