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Create an Email Template

With OroCRM, you can create email templates and use them to send numerous personalized emails. This way, for instance, you can create a single template with birthday wishes and assign it to an email campaign, so each of the subscribers with a birthday on a specific day would get a personalized email with congratulations.

Create Template

To create an email template:

  1. Navigate to the main menu and click System > Emails > Templates.

  2. Click Create Template on the top right.

  3. Define the following fields in the Create Template form:

    Field Description
    Owner Limits the list of users who can manage the template, subject to access permissions.
    Template name A name used to refer to the template in the system.
    Type Use HTML or plain text.
    Entity name Choose an entity the template is related to or keep it empty if the template is not related to any entity. If you want to use the template for auto-responses, the entity name value should be set to Email.
  4. Define the email template. Click on the necessary variable on the right and drag it to the text box:

  5. You can preview your email by clicking Preview on the top right corner.

  6. To save the template, click Save and Close.

Manage Template

The following actions are available for an email template from the page of all templates:

  • Delete
  • Edit
  • Clone

You can edit the template details and save a new (cloned and edited) template.

You can also create an email campaign, and send personalized emails based on your template to the pre-defined list of subscribers.


If you want to track the user-activity related to the emails sent within the email campaign, add a piece of Tracking Website code to the email template.

Apply Template

To apply an email template to a new email, select the template from the list of the Apply Template field, as shown below:


You will see an Apply Template Confirmation message. Click Yes, Proceed to apply the selected template.


You should now have your template applied to your email.

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