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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

View, Create, and Process Your Emails

My User Menu

Via the My Emails section in the My User menu, you can:

  • View all your emails in Oro application
  • Filter these emails
  • Compose a new email from scratch or using a template and send it
  • Synchronize emails with your email server (e.g. save drafts)
  • Mark one or selected emails as unread

See My Emails topic for more information.

Recent Emails Menu Button

You can reach your emails by clicking on the Recent Emails button in the top right corner of the OroCRM window. A list of unread emails will appear, as illustrated in the screenshot below:


Clicking on an email from the list redirects you to the page of the selected email.

The following features are available within the Recent Emails list:

  1. Mark All as Read (marks all unread emails as read).

  2. Mark As Read/Unread

    • Clicking on the yellow envelope icon marks the selected email as read.
    • Clicking on the grey envelope icon marks the selected email as unread.
  3. Reply All (launches a Reply email dialog window).


Activity Section

All the emails sent to a record are displayed in and can be reached from the Activity section of a record’s page.


Clicking on the ellipsis menu of a record will launch the following action list for an email:

  • Add Context (define a record related to the email).
  • Reply (reply directly to the sender).
  • Reply All (reply to everyone in the email conversation).
  • Forward (forward an email to a different recipient).
  • View Email (view the selected email).

Recent Emails Widget

The Recent Emails widget allows you to see most recent additions to your inbox and outbox.



For how to add widgets to the dashboard and manage them, see the relevant topics:

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