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Set up Email Notifications

With OroCRM, you can get email notifications when you wish to notify users each time a new activity has been assigned to them or need to drop a line to a manager when some customer details have been edited. You can specify conditions on which emails will be sent based on a pre-defined email template.

Notification rules define situations to generate and send the emails.

A notification rule can only be created for a specific email template available in the system.

To create a notification rule:

  1. Navigate to System > Emails > Notification Rules.

  2. Click Create Notification Rule on the top right.

  3. Provide the following details in the General section.

    • Entity Name — Choose an entity from the list. Only entities that have templates available are listed. If you do not see the necessary entity on the list this list, create a notification template for it first.
    • Event name — Choose the event that will trigger the mailing. The following values are possible:
      • Entity create — A new record of the entity has been created.
      • Entity remove — A record of the entity has been removed.
      • Entity update — A record of the entity has been edited
    • Template — Choose the template for which the rule will be created.
  4. In the Recipient List section, define a list of users to whom the email will be sent when the rule is met.

    You can define one specific user and/or user groups and/or a specific email address.

    If the Owner box is checked, the email will be sent to the user who is assigned as an owner of the entity record for which the event has taken place.


    Note that the Owner box is only available for the entities with the ownership type set to User.

All available rules are displayed on the pages of all All Notification Rules under System > Emails > Notification Rules.

From the page of all notification rules you can perform the following actions to selected rules:

  • Delete
  • Edit
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