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Run Installation via Wizard or CLI

This article describes how to install the Oro application (e.g. OroPlatform, OroCRM or OroCommerce).

This topic will showcase the installation and configuration using OroCRM as an example.

Installation Customization

To customize the installation process and modify the database structure and/or data that are loaded in the OroCRM after installation, you can:

Installation Launch


Before you begin the installation, ensure you have prepared the installation environment and all the system requirements are met.

You can launch the Oro application installation either from the console, or using the web installation wizard.

The installation wizard guides you through the installation process and is more straightforward. However, with console-based installation, you get more flexibility in choosing custom options, like force reinstall. Additionally, from the console, you can install the Oro application in a silent mode.

See the following topics for more details on:


Once you have completed the installation, activate background tasks to ensure execution of the required scheduled operations.


To reinstall OroCRM:

  1. Drop the database that was used for the previous installation attempt.
  2. Create a new database for new OroCRM installation.
  3. Empty the <installation directory>/app/cache/prod and <installation directory>/app/cache/session directories.
  4. Clear the Installed option in the app/config/parameters.yml file and update the database name, if necessary.
  5. Launch the OroCRM installation Via Console: Silent Installation with the –force option provided.

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