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OroCRM 1.8

Improved Email capabilities and features.

Multiple improvements have been made in order to provide email experience that is good enough to handle most email conversations with your customers from within OroCRM, eliminating the need to constantly switch back and forth with an email client.

  • You may now specify which folders of your mailbox you want to synchronize in order to sync only relevant conversations into OroCRM.
  • Added SMTP synchronization so now emails sent from within OroCRM will appear in another email clients, such as Gmail or Outlook.
  • Added Check Email button to My Emails page, allowing to quickly check for new email and receive it immediately.
  • Added indication of unread emails, allowing you quickly identify the unread correspondence. Read/unread status is synced with IMAP server, meaning that if you have read an email in OroCRM, it will be marked as read in other email clients.
  • Added "Compose email" actions to shortcuts and to My Emails page, making it possible to compose email from anywhere.
  • To, CC, and BCC fields of Compose Email dialog now support autocomplete, allowing you to input recipients quicker and more accurately. Autocomplete results include Contacts and Users, as well as recently used email addresses and addresses relevant to viewed record (e.g. email addresses of all customers within an Account)
  • Added Reply All action to email view, allowing to maintain email conversations with more than two participants.
  • Inline images may now be added to email bodies, templates and signatures, allowing you to illustrate your emails or add corporate style to them.
  • Email templates editor is now WYSIWYG (for HTML templates only).
  • New algorithm of IMAP synchronization has been implemented in order to improve performance.

Email automation.

This feature allows to set up corporate mailboxes that might be accessed by multiple users, e.g. a sales or support team, and configure automatic responses to the incoming correspondence as well as automatic creation of Leads or Cases from every letter, providing an effective solution for handling requests for sales or support respectively.

Permissions to view mailboxes might be added both to individual users and on role basis, making it easy to maintain proper access to mailbox. For every mailbox, you may configure multiple auto-response rules with different conditions and messages in order to create proper responses for different types of emails based on who sends them, what is written in emails, whether they are received in working hours or on weekends, etc. If a Case or Lead is created from an email, it will contain the original response in its Activity list, so a Sales representative or Support engineer will have all necessary information at hand and will be able to keep track of the conversation.

Record creation is handled by OroCRM process engine, so a developer may easily tweak existing processes or add new ones.

Other minor improvements.

  • Contact history and last contact date is tracked for all records, allowing to segment them based on number of contacts, or date or direction of last contact.
  • Tags may be used as filtering conditions in segments and grids
  • UX for Ecommerce Statistics widget has been improved
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