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OroCRM 2.1

In this release of OroCRM we improved our integration with OroCommerce by integrating sales opportunities and quotes.

OroCommerce integration

In this release, we have started integrating CRM pipeline management and forecasting tools—i.e. Leads and Opportunities, and Commerce sales fulfilment tools—RFQs, Quotes, and Orders. Please note that this is just the first step that will be followed with deeper integration in subsequent releases.

Create and manage quotes from opportunity

We have created a new Opportunity management workflow that allows sales reps to create quotes directly from the Opportunity view. All quotes that were created within a specific opportunity will be displayed in a corresponding section on its view. The sales rep can manage quotes from this grid in the same way they can manage them from quotes grid—i.e. edit, delete, or expire a quote.

This function will only be available if the opportunity is related to a Commerce customer; otherwise, the workflow will behave exactly like the standard Opportunity management flow that existed in previous versions.

Sales dashboard

Two new widgets instead of one

We have split old Business Sales Channel statistics widget into two: Lead statistics and Opportunity statistics. This change allowed us to enhance the resulting widgets with advanced filtering capabilities that were introduced for the Forecast widget in 1.10. Quick filters by territory were also added.

Reports and segments

Configurable reports

In order to allow users who either do not have permissions to edit a report, or do not want to edit the report but still need to see the up-to-date results, report builder now allows to:

  • Enable grouping by date with different periods (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) for one of datetime columns in the report
  • Skip empty time periods in groupings if necessary
  • Filter data by an attribute even if it hasn’t been included as a report column.

Record limits in segments

The admin can now specify the maximum number of records in a segment. This can be useful if you need to choose only the top X records from a segment, e.g. only the top 100 of your customers by their lifetime sales value.

Other fixes and improvements


Create events for other users at Calendar view

If you have sufficient permissions, you can easily add events for other users at Calendar view.

Grid in Recent emails widget is now clickable

Enable or disable threaded view in My Emails page


Better notification message for unsuccessful login after password reset

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