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OroCRM 2.3

New features – OroCRM

We continued our drive to improve overall quality and performance of the existing feature set so we did not release any major features this time. However, we made some noticeable improvements to existing features, especially Magento integration.

Magento integration

Credit memos

Credit memos are now synchronized from Magento. They are imported only, and cannot be edited or deleted at OroCRM side. Credit memos can be viewed on their own, and also at Account view, Magento Customer view, and on the relevant Magento Order.

Magento 2 integration

We had to postpone our development of Magento 2 integration due to change in priorities, but we release the code of integration basics we have worked on. It does not sync any entities but allows establishing a connection to Magento 2 instances via REST-based transport. It should provide a good foundation should you want to develop M2 integration yourself. (We’d also welcome any contribution!)


Phone numbers are now displayed in the address book of Magento customer


More entities are now available as Marketing List targets. You can now create marketing lists based on Accounts (primary email of a default contact is used), and, if you’re using OroCommerce, from Customer users, Quotes, Orders, and Shopping Lists.

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