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OroCRM 2.6

New features – OroCRM

In this release we have developed enhancements to our Magento integration, as well as provided numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

Magento integration

Notes made by the customer to Magento orders are now imported to OroCRM as Customer notes. These notes are displayed at Magento order views, but can also be displayed at Magento customer and Account views with Import Order Comments as Customer Notes setting in the integration configuration.

This feature requires OroBridge extension version 1.2.19 or later. Please take into account that OroCRM instances with existing integrations will have to sync all order notes for past orders after upgrade to 2.6, which may take additional time.

Configuration search

We have improved and expanded system configuration search feature that has been introduced in 2.4 release.

  • The search now includes text configuration values (e.g. email signatures)
  • Fuzzy search (Fuse.js-based) allows you to find the desired config even if you made a typo
  • Little improvements and tweaks of the search UI for better user experience

    Email notifications

    It is now possible to send email notifications to entity fields marked as emails. For example, you may set up a notification rule that will send an email to the author of contact request (using the Email Address field of the Contact request entity).

    Other features and improvements

  • Event organizer is now shown at calendar events
  • Unsafe tags are now stripped from email headers and bodies, improving email security without compromising email functionality and performance
  • Error levels are now logged for MailChimp integration
  • Marketing list updates and MailChimp exports were optimized
  • Websocket server subscriptions now require authorization via token (ticket)
  • ID column is now included by default to all grid exports
  • DoctrineBundle has been upgraded to 1.6.5
  • PHP 7.0 is no longer supported; 7.1 is the minimum version required

    Known issues

  • System configuration cannot be changed after using the API
  • Mass delete action is not available at grids when workflow step filter is enabled
  • The latest kernel of Ubuntu (confirmed in 4.13.0-31) contains a bug which breaks Elasticsearch 2.x—please avoid this kernel version for OroCRM servers.
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