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OroCRM 3.1

Technology Upgrades

  • OroCRM has been upgraded to Symfony 3.4 LTS
  • Minimally required PHP version has been raised to 7.1.26
  • The application can now be run on PHP 7.2.
  • We migrated to Bootstrap 4.1
  • Support for LESS preprocessor has been discontinued, and all files were converted to SCSS format.
  • NodeJS has become a required dependency for installation and development


  • Locale-related configuration options have been reviewed and simplified to streamline the installation process and further configuration of multi-language setups.
  • Various improvements have been made to existing features to ensure that with multiple languages enabled in the system the back-office users will see the content in the language and formatted accordingly to their language preferences and locale settings.


  • Admin panel have been completely redesigned to a more contemporary and stylish look and feel.
  • New "Case-Insensitive Email Addresses" configuration option allows to treat different capitalizations of a same email as the same address acceptable for registration.


  • OroCRM may now connect to websocket server via SSL/TLS connection and pass SSL connect options if necessary.
  • To further improve the security of websocket connection and reduce the risk of Cross-Site WebSocket Hijacking (CSWSH) attacks, the Origin headers will be checked against the list of allowed origins after the websocket connection is established.
  • ACL security model was updated and can be extended with custom data access rules.
  • To simplify security audit the application keeps track of all failed login attempts and related security events.

Monitoring and Upgrades

  • System administrators can utilize new application health check endpoints to monitor availability of individual application components. The endpoint web page will display the list of performed checks with the exact status of each component.
  • New skip-search-reindexation and schedule-search-reindexation options have been added to the upgrade command to allow for the search index update to be postponed when upgrading applications with large catalogs.

Developer Experience and Integrations

  • Reporting engine can be configured to use a separate connection to offload all resource-consuming queries to the database replica.
  • oro:assets:build command uses Webpack under the hood to simplify and speed up building of frontend assets. It also allows frontend developers to integrate any modern Javascript tools into their development process.


  • Magento 1 integration was deprecated and is no longer supported.
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