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The Chameleon Criteria for CRM System Selection

Why A Customer-Focused Approach Requires
Flexible CRM Solutions

As more and more companies embrace digitalization, they are now approaching new markets and customer groups in innovative ways. Aligning business processes with customer needs requires technology that blends into the background like a chameleon.

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Why Adopt a Customer-Focused Strategy?

B2B Companies world-wide are adapting to a customer-focused model and a successful transformation requires a 360° degree view of the customer. This guide shows how the right CRM integrates into your existing IT structure to provide the functionality forward-facing and back office staff need to ensure a smooth customer journey.

DMK, a leading agile open source provider, has created a guide to developing customer centers in customer-focused businesses using an open source CRM. If your company’s roadmap includes moving to a more customer-focused environment, you should read this guide.

This B2B whitepaper will be most helpful for:

  • Sales & Marketing Managers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • IT Operatives
  • C-Level Executives
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What’s Inside This Whitepaper?

This guide includes a detailed look at different scenarios in which retailers, manufacturers, and start-ups use the data from a CRM to support omnichannel touchpoints, create a targeted customer loyalty program, and support value-adding processes. You’ll learn the criteria for selecting a CRM no matter the niche or market your company occupies.

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Support Omnichannel Touchpoints

Learn how a CRM strategy can unify your online and offline channels as well as segment your B2B and B2C business for a comprehensive view of your business.

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Create Targeted Loyalty Programs

A central CRM system can retrieve customer data such as past purchases, earned discounts, and credits earned from any location and any IT system.

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Build a Cross-Functional Team

By keeping all your customer information in a single system that is accessible to all necessary departments, all facets previous and current operations can be taken into account when interacting with a customer.

flexible crm

Establish Value-Adding Proccesses

Digitalization gives companies the tools to completely redesign, expand, or refine the customer journey by creating a unique customer experience relevant for your customers and your business.

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