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    Hi OroCRM team,

    There was created a custom field ‘accountType’ for ‘accounts’ with multi-select field type with some values. After I created account and assigned some ‘accountType’ for it and then was getting this data I got ‘accountaccounttypecd9a6594s’ data type for my ‘accountType’ field. So after I wanted to save data via API with JSON:

    and POST request URL: /api/accounts
    so I got 403 an error:

    After I read about ACL I set it for ‘account’, but it did not help.
    Can you, please, give me tips where I can be wrong?

    Additional information:
    – Application: OroCRM, version 2.0.3
    – Environment related information:
    – Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie);
    – PHP, version: 5.6.30-0+deb8u1


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    Hello, Andrii. It’s hard to say now what is the cause of this issue, your case is working on the last 2.0 platform version (currently it is 2.0.22) and I can not find related fix. That’s why I’d recommend to update you application to the last version. If it is not an option for you consider to check this case on the working version – probably it will give some tips.

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