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    I was browsing through your security bundle and I was very intrigued by the whole concept. Though I didn’t really grasp the whole permission tree.
    As far as I understand now the only ways to give a single user or a group of users permissions to specific actions or entities is the Business Unit (LOCAL, DEEP, GLOBAL), User (BASIC) and System (SYSTEM). Though I was wondering if the Group Entity has anything to do with it. I want to create a system where a bunch of companies can access my platform, but the permissions are divided by each company (you can only see your own content), though some people can see more company content than others.
    Am I right in the understanding that the OroPlatform only supports two layers of permission distribution?


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    Dima Soroka
    Dima Soroka

    Hi @Schwierig

    You are on the right path. OroPlatform supports five access levels: System, Organization, Division, Business Unit and User. Organizing your users in different business units should help you to solve your request. Please see more information in bundle documentation, especially access levels and examples.

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