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    I am looking for help with our OroCRM system.

    After the OroCRM was successfully installed and was running normally for couple of days, I tried to connect it with Zendesk. At the first step of this tutorial:

    ” Enter the Package Name as oro/crm-zendesk and click Install to install the package.”

    our system went down due to over time error. Our hosting provider than cleared the following folder:


    and log in page appeared again. However now every time I want to log in a bleck page is displayed with the following url:

    Could someone please help me or at least advise who could help us with setting up OroCRM and connecting it to Zendesk and Magento?

    Do you recommend any of the OroCRM Partners for this job?

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    Artem Liubeznyi
    Artem Liubeznyi


    Do you have any server or application logs left from the overtime error? They would really help us to investigate the issue.




    If you can specify the folder where they could be, I can post them.

    Thank you already. :)


    Hi detomaso,

    I assume it is possible that your instance has some time limit for script execution and during install of package it stuck in maintenance mode. I’m going to check this use case and follow up if I’ll find something.

    The way to resolve this issue would to extend limit of PHP execution time on your web server ( Also it could help to try to install package using PHP CLI, in some environments there is no max execution time limit in CLI settings of PHP. This command could help:

    Regards blank page. If you just removed everything from your folder app/cache/prod then application won’t be able to work correctly. You need to run command

    To avoid issues with file permissions make sure commands run by user running web server.

    Regards log files. You could check either app/logs/prod.log or yours server PHP error log file


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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