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Forums OroPlatform How to decode IMAP message, received from Microsoft Outlook Express 6?

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    I have a problem with OroCRM email bundle, when I sync my emails some of them do not decoded properly. In eg. with IMAP I got this message its not decoded now:

    after executed quoted_printable_decode function I got this result:

    The true result after function executed have to be this:

    This problem I see just fetching messages that was send from Microsoft Outlook Express 6, from later email client versions I do not get this problem.

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    Hi, @doncaz
    Thanks for pointing this out.
    We are investigating this issue and looking for a solution, so the fix will be available soon.


    Hi @doncaz,
    we resolved the problem. Fix will be available in the next OroPlatform release. Soon code will be available in public repositories in master.

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