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Forums OroCRM How to pass additional query parameters to ImportExport Button?

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    I have an installation of orocrm2.0.

    I have created an entity named ContactStatus which is connected to Opportunity. I also created datagrid for ContactStatus that is showed in Opportunity view page based on opportunity id. Here is code-

    I also created export system for this ContactStatus on opportunity view page. Here is code-

    It is working properly and export entire data of ContactStatus which is correct according to what i have written.
    But i want to export only selected data which is shown in datagrid (contact-status-grid) according to opportunty id.

    Is there any way to pass additional query parameters (like here i want to pass OpportunityId )in ImportExport Button so that it only export filtered records?

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    Hi, in your case you need to use grid export rather than entities export.
    In this case you’ll have an ability to export all displayed rows.

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