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    Loïc Bertron

    Hi !

    I’m trying to install the zendesk integration. Everything is good so far, except SQL.
    I got this error while trying to insert a zendesk integration :

    Here is the actual structure :


    Colonne Type Null Défaut Commentaires MIME
    id int(11) Non
    type varchar(30) Non
    wsdl_url varchar(255) Oui NULL
    api_user varchar(255) Oui NULL
    api_key varchar(255) Oui NULL
    sync_start_date date Oui NULL
    sync_range varchar(50) Oui NULL
    website_id int(11) Oui NULL
    websites longtext Oui NULL (DC2Type:array)(DC2Type:array)
    is_extension_installed tinyint(1) Oui NULL
    is_wsi_mode tinyint(1) Oui NULL
    admin_url varchar(255) Oui NULL

    Nom de l’index Type Unique Compressé Colonne Cardinalité Interclassement Null Commentaire
    PRIMARY BTREE Oui Non id 1 A Non

    Do you have any idea ?


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    Alexandr Smaga

    Hello @loic_bertron !

    It looks like installation of the package was not finished well. Could you please share package installation log file from app/logs/ ? Try to run app/console oro:platform:update --force(dump DB backup before)


    Loïc Bertron


    There is nothing in the logs. Only dev.log was accessed, and the only thing i can see is debug trace, with select statements. No Alter Table statements. No errors.

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