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Forums OroCRM Magento imported orders and configurable products display two rows per item

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    I am using OroCRM v.1.10.1 integrated with Magento store containing mainly configurable products.
    Everything works fine, but the Magento orders show two lines per each item in the order, the configurable product and the simple one.
    Given that this is how the informations are stored in the Magento database, is there any setting I am missing to display only one row per item (as Magento does in its backend)?

    Thank you very much!

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    Mike Kudelya
    Mike Kudelya


    The situation you’ve described is a known issue. Unfortunately, due to other higher priorities, there is no clear ETA when it will be fixed.

    The issue here is that for configurable Products Magento saves both configurable and its configuration (simple products). Magento Order API returns both Configurable and simple product but with the same SKU. We show API response as it is.

    As workaround i suggest you set

    to your magento-orderitem-grid

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