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Forums OroCRM Mail Chimp Integration Not Working Properly

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    Norman Goh

    Hi guys,

    I am using OroCRM together with the Mail Chimp Integration available in the package manager. However, when I am syncing the Marketing List from OroCRM to Mail Chimp there is always an issue with the additional merged field.

    For example, if the Marketing List have email, first name, last name and one custom field. After sync is completed, I can see the accounts inside Mail Chimp but the values under custom field is always empty.

    Anyone knows how to solve this? Primary Email, First Name and Last Name do not have any issue though..

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    Norman Goh

    Update: I just tried syncing 400+ accounts and the sync is working properly. But when I tried to sync 3000 records, the issue reappears.

    Anyone have the same experience? Any advice would be useful.


    Mike Kudelya
    Mike Kudelya


    I have tried export from marketing list to mailchimp 2982 subscribers with custom field. They are exported without any problems. Which version of orocrm and mailchimp are you using ?

    My configuration:

    oro/platform – 1.10.12
    oro/crm-mail-chimp – 1.6.1

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