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    Hello All

    I’ve a Question about the Feature called «Two Way Sync» inside of the Magento Connection.
    What does that exactly.

    Example – I’ve an interest but not an active account and he is not registered on the Magento Side. (an Opportunity in CRM). When I’m creating the Contact in the CRM and I’m working with it. At the Day X he registering him self on the Magento Store. Now I’ve twice the same Client. When I’m saying at the Settings «remote wins» would it be like that, that Magento overrites my settings in the CRM if i have something diffrent (like Address or so) or would it be a whole no Entry?

    Thanks for clarification.

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    Alexandr Smaga

    Hello @petermeier!
    Thanks for a good question.

    Now “Two way sync” works only with contacts that comes from magento. If this option is enabled and job queue daemon is running any changes on contact level(that was created during magento sync) will be pushed back to magento.

    Also, please take into account that there are few restrictions:

    • Only primary email could be synced, because magento is not supported multiple emails out of the box
    • contact phone change are synced only in case if it was created from magento address

    Option “Sync priority” was defined in order to resolve conflicts when the same field was changed on both sides (e.g. email changed in magento and not synced to oro yet, and changed inn oro as well). So, “remote wins” will take remote data and resolve conflict fields using it.

    Your case i think could be achieved using entity merge feature. For example you have account that is not exist in magento, and when it will created there and synced. You will be able to merge multiple accounts into single one, and related contact will be syncable back.

    Hope my answer will be helpful for you.

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