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    Yevhen Shyshkin
    Yevhen Shyshkin


    By default there are five providers to get list of allowed recipients – you can check all implementations of EmailRecipientsProviderInterface. I’d recommend to check which of these providers slows down search in your case and either disable it totally (maybe you don’t need these results at all), or refactor to make it faster.

    If you can tell me which providers are slow at your installation – probably, I can give you more specific advice about optimization.




    We disabled a few providers, it helped. But then it caused problem after cache was flushed – oro wasn’t able to start at all. So sysadmin rolled back changes we made.

    Now, we have 2 more issues connected to search:
    1) Search of emails doesn’t work properly: it doesn’t find emails that were replied. For example we receive customer inquires using wufoo forms, so we have lots of emails sent by “wufoo”.Now when you search for ‘wufoo’ in oro it finds only 55 emails, while there are at least 554 of them (screenshot: As you can see on screenshot, there is a gap between #554 and #552. For some reason #553 is not found. It is replied, as I see in gmail. I also replied to email #554 – it is not found anymore (screenshot:

    2) Search of templates doesn’t work at all. So we can not apply any of templates. Screenshot of created templates: Screesnshot of reply form:

    The last thing, not connected to search. For some reason I got stuck at Oro regularly. If I want to reply to email:
    – ‘Loading’ animation sign appears and stops.
    – Pages Unresponsive error appears
    – in 1 minute reply form is loaded

    We invested lots of time into Oro installation, configuration and connection to Magento. And our customer service still can not use, because of the random issues that appears as soon as we try to setup process there
    We don’t have in-house Symphony or Oro expert, to solve the issues we face to. Do you provide any support? Or can you recommend a company who can help us?

    Igor Shvydkoy
    Igor Shvydkoy


    There are several support options that might be suitable for you. Please check your Email (the one that you used to register on this forum). We’ve sent you several support options available and will be glad to discuss what option would suit you best.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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