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    I’m trying to generate my own WSSE header with each request I’m making towards my API. However when creating my header I seem to notice that my nonce is different and that my passwordDigest is way longer then in the examples and in the WSSE header creation tool:

    – (doc)
    – (tool)

    What do I do ?

    I’m creating a nonce myself by generating an UUID and base64 encrypt it.

    Then I create the timestamp. Afterwards I’m creating the password digest by decoding the nonce from base64 (this part confuses me somewhat, how can you decode the nonce when it is never encoded?[docs]). Then I add the timestamp and API key to the string, this string I sha1 encrypt. After that I encrypt it another time with base64.

    This is bassicaly my output:

    nonce String “Mzc4MEQ3N0UtMTU0RC00RTdBLUFENTMtRDhCMjQ5M0Y4RDE4”
    passwordDigest String “NGZmY2IxZmNjNTkwNGJmNGU0YWYwMDA2OWQxNWE4NDFjZmNhNTE1ZQ==”

    Are there any requirements on the length of the nonce or password or whatsoever? Because that is the thing that differs form the documentation and tool. Or am I doing something else completely wrong?

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