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How to Create and Manage Emails in OroCRM

by Brandon Kim

Welcome to OroCRM’s video tutorial series. Today we’ll be demonstrating how to create, manage and send email using OroCRM.

OroCRM’s allows users to send and receive emails through the system and even allows syncing of other imap emails into your OroCRM system email. 

View your email grid by going to your user name in the top right hand corner and using the drop down to select My Emails. When the user bar is configured through display settings, you will see a clickable email icon next to your user name to display your email grid as well.

  • The email grid displays a list of emails. These emails may include system emails, when configured, or personal emails when synced. Please see our video on Creating and configuring System Mailboxes in OroCRM and How to sync your email with OroCRM.
  • From the email grid, you can either view or mark an item as read/unread from this screen by hovering over the quick action menu on the far right of the email record.  
  • Click on the view icon or directly on an email in the grid to load the view page.

After the email loads you will see several ways to handle the email.

  • Users can add a task to this email. For example, if the user needed a password reset before he could access the system, you could create a task directly related to this email.
  • You can add context. Context establishes the relationship between this email and any other possible accounts, tasks, cases, etc. – helping to provide an overall 360 degree view of your contacts, accounts and associated records. These emails and their replies are then listed in the activity feed of users listed as context for the email.
  • You can reply or forward the email. Please note that you cannot delete email from OroCRM.

Click on the breadcrumb to get back to the emails grid.

To Send an Email

Note that eMails can be sent from any page using the short-cut menu.  (show on video)

For this demonstration we’ll navigate to the view page for the customer you want to send an email to. Composing emails from the view page of a record generates the email with predefined properties related to the record and system user. Emails can be generated in HTML or text depending on the user’s preference. We can demonstrate sending email to a contact by navigating to the customer contact grid and selecting any contact you’d like to send an email to. Please note that:

  • When the view page loads, use the More Actions drop down in the right hand corner or the page and select Send Email.
  • A blank email form displays pre-populated with information related to the contact such as the customer’s send to email address.
  • The from field pre-populated with the system user information.
  • Use the CC and BCC fields to add any additional email addresses you wish to send this communication to.
  • If a template is already prepared, users can select an email template from the dropdown list. An email template can be helpful when sending the same types of email communications to multiple customers.  Examples include birthday greetings, promotions, or campaigns – otherwise fill in the subject and body of the email.
    • Templates are limited by entity type, which allows merging fields from the database into your email template. This means that the record you are sending this email from should match the template entity.  The advantage of merge fields is that the email can dynamically pull in data such as name or title directly from that entity to customize your template.
  • Select the radio button to determine if you want this email sent in HTML or plain text.
  • If desired, use the links under the email body to add a signature or attach a file.
  • Click the send button in the lower right hand corner of the email form.

These emails and replies will display in the activity stream for anyone listed as Context on the email.

Thanks for watching!

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