OroPlatform is an Open Source Business Application Platform (BAP).
Developers use our flexible platform to build new business applications on top of our native CRM capabilities. Built with PHP and the Symfony framework, developing custom business applications has never been so easy.

Flexible and Customizable Business Application Platform

OroPlatform offers complete flexibility when architecting and developing custom applications. Whether you are an internal IT organization building a custom application or a software company creating a new commercial offering, OroPlatform offers unparalleled customizability to create what you want.

All the Features You Need to Get Started

Right out-of-the-box, OroPlatform offers a configurable admin, personalized menu structure, customizable reports, workflows, access control lists (ACL), advanced customizable grid functionality, and more. These pre-built features allow technology teams to build their unique business application in less time.


OroPlatform is completely Open-Source and built on the Symfony2 framework, which means customers have options when creating or deploying an application. This also means we are committed to fostering innovation for the Oro ecosystem and community.

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Applications Built on OroPlatform

OroCRM is a multi-channel Customer Relationship Management platform built for both marketings and sales organizations.
OroCommerce is an open-source Business to Business eCommerce application made for businesses selling to other businesses (B2B). built with flexibility in mind.
Akeneo is a Product Information Management (PIM) tool, allowing merchants to centralize technical and marketing information from their catalogs and products.
Diamante Desk is Enterprise Helpdesk and Customer Service software built on top of the OroPlatform.
HrRoll is the complete human resource management solution for any kind of businesses, enabling you to maximize every dollar you invest in your employees.
Marello is an Open-Source ERP application for Commerce.