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OroCRM – Future Roadmap

Discover the latest version and what is coming in OroCRM.

How to read this roadmap: The very nature of Agile software development implies that no plans are set in stone and the roadmap evolves constantly. However, we still make plans and may roughly divide them into three levels of certainty depending on the implementation timeline. This applies to our marketplace management and B2B digital commerce products, too.

First comes our Mid-term plans. Items listed there are our priority targets for 1–2 future LTS release cycles, or roughly a year down the road. These items are less detailed, but should give you a general idea of the features we’d like to develop.

Next part, our Long-term plans, is the high-level overview of what we eventually would like to add to our application, but aren’t going to work on anytime soon. This part could be a good starting point if you want to develop an extension for our Marketplace or contribute to the application directly.

If you have more questions regarding this roadmap please contact us on our forums or join our Slack channel.

Mid-term plans

OroCommerce integration

  • Complete sales workflows for the Commerce sales rep
  • RFM analytics
  • Commerce Dashboard

Marketing capabilities

  • Built-in marketing automation
  • Out-of-the box campaign scenarios for most common use cases
    • Customer onboarding
    • Customer retention
    • Abandoned cart conversion
    • Order follow-up
    • Contact us form
  • Campaign event tracking
  • Campaign KPI and statistics


  • Action and workflow management UI

Onboarding experience

  • Reworked user guides and knowledge base
  • In-app tutorials

Long-term plans

Account management

  • Multiple account types
  • Configurable account view


  • “Social profile”: collect customer data from social networks
  • Reach customers via social networks for sales or support

Contact management

  • Personal and organizational contact lists
  • Contact information fields
  • Contact preference management


  • Measure customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Lead scoring


  • Quickly create records from emails
  • Folder view on My Emails page
  • Auto-responses
  • Gmail integration

Record collaboration

  • Parallel access to data
  • Record locking
  • Drafts and Recycle bin
  • Track records and receive notifications on changes
  • Chat feature

Segmentation and filters

  • Filter builder at data views
  • Show/hide filters on data view
  • Save and reuse filters in different views (grids, dashboard)
  • Functions in filtering conditions
  • Drill-down reports
  • Transform reports into dashboard and side panel widgets
  • More charts (pie charts, bar charts, etc.)

User experience

  • In-app notifications
  • Offline application

Application configuration

  • Form management
  • Enhanced localization capabilities
  • Activity stream
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