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CRM Comparison

Feature OroCRM SalesForce Sugar CRM MS Dynamics
Enterprise License cost
(10 users - 3 years agreement)
$21,240 $54,000 $23,400 - $54,000 $34,200 - $68,400
Transparent pricing Yes
Our single price for an Enterprise license includes all the features we offer
Many sales & marketing features are add-ons
Pricing is offered in multiple tiers with restrictions and limitations for each tier
Pricing depends on which applications are added
Customization limitations No Limitations
Users have access to the core code and there are no hidden API charges
API cost is excessive. Annual cost for 150,000 calls costs $270,000
The code uses outdated technology requiring countless patches to make even the simplest customization
The code is not offered with the product which limits customization efforts
Native integration into
e-Commerce platforms
Including Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop
Limited No No
Support for a multi -channel CRM
across all customer interactions
Data from all customer touch-points are recorded
No No No

OroCRM Benefits

Flexibility to Meet Any Business Requirements

OroCRM stands above other top CRM systems when it comes to improving sales and marketing efforts across various industries. It doesn’t matter what systems you already have in place or if your business falls under retail, financial services, or insurance industries — the solution can be customized to fit your every business requirement.

360° View of Your Customer

OroCRM lets you capture data from every customer interaction, including products viewed, emails received, support tickets created, and more. All the data is tracked across multiple touchpoints — like online B2B and B2C stores, social channels, POS systems, and email campaigns — giving you a 360° view of your customers.

Powerful Marketing Tools and Dashboards

Data mining, segmentation, web tracking, and integration with email marketing tools all help marketing teams increase conversions and grow sales. Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) analysis can also be used to identify your most loyal customers. In addition, build dashboards and reports on marketing KPIs to monitor campaign success.


Manage Sales from Lead to Opportunity

Gather detailed information across all stages of the sales cycle to improve sales forecasts, pipeline management, and close rates. In addition, store all sales interactions into a single record-keeping system for complete account visibility.

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