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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 1.0.0-beta5

Reports creation wizard (Table reports)

"Table reports" are reports that allow a user to choose fields to show from target entity or related entities and set filters and conditions.
On “Manage Reports” page, a user can find the UI management for reports, where users can create, modify or delete reports. For now it is possible to choose an entity, select fields from chosen or related entity, set filter or sorting rules and describe filters logic.
On the next iteration of these feature we will add the ability for a user to apply grouping and aggregation functions on fields.

B2B Sales Flow adjustments


  • "Save and qualify" button saves form and redirect to lead page with open qualification step form.
  • Owner field is prefilled with current user or business unit.
  • Close date is prefilled with current date
  • Added account to Lead is not required
  • Marked as required account on opportunity
  • “Reopen”, “Close as Won” and “Close as Lost” starts transitions
  • Removed opportunity entity flow
  • Added allowed transition buttons to workflow items table
  • On "qualify" transition from lead added a form with three attributes: opportunity name (prefilled from lead name), lead account, lead company name. Prefilled account or company with existing account or with newly created based on Company name.
  • Added button to clear selection on entity selector, fix CSS issues for focused filed
  • Marked as required account attribute on "Develop" transition form

Call entity

Added ability to log phone calls with contacts. User should go to view contact page and press log a call button.
Added list of calls on Contact and User view.

Add weather layer in the map on contact view page

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