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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 1.0.0-beta6

Magento data import: Customers, Shopping carts and Orders

Added possibility to import customers, shopping carts and orders from Magento stores. To import data user should create channel under System -> Channels and schedule data synchronization which will be performed in background. Imported data can be found in Customers -> Channels, Sales -> Orders -> Channels and Sales -> Shopping cart -> Channels.

Details of implementation can be found in OroBundleIntegrationBundle.

B2C Sales Flow

Added B2C flow for imported Customers, Orders and Shopping carts:

Abandoned Shopping Cart Flow
This workflow is used to process shopping cart from external sources (e.g. from Magento) and to try to convert it to opportunity.

Order Follow Up Flow
This workflow is used to process external orders (e.g. from Magento) and contact customers for feedback.

Call view window

Window with all information about a call can be opened directly from call widget grids on new dashboard, contact, account and user view pages

Basic dashboards

Developers can create dashboards using configuration file dashboard.yml where in section “dashboards” a new instance can be declared with list of widgets declared in section “widgets”. Each bundle can provide its own dashboard.yml where a new dashboard can be added or change existing ones.

Example can be found in OroCRMBundleSalesBundleResourcesconfigdashboard.yml.

Added basic dashboards for OroCRM. OroCRM loads Quick Launchpad by default, and user has the ability to change it to a new Dashboard (widgets: calendar, recent emails, recent calls, last actions with accounts, last actions with contacts, opportunities by lead source chart, opportunities by state chart).

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