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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 1.0.0-rc1

Improved Workflow

Interaction with the workflow has been redesigned, providing more immediate access to workflow step transitions and view.
The entity that is part of the wokrflow (determined by workflowItem and workflowStep attributes) will no longer feature the "Workflow items" grid in the respective section of its view form, but will instead incorporate workflow step information directly to the entity view. This information includes display of the workflow progress – the current step, the preceding steps and the subsequent steps – and buttons for available transitions. This workflow information is displayed on top of the entity view, and the entity information is displayed below.
The workflow step can no longer be viewed on its own.

Improved Dashboard

This feature adds two funnel charts to our Dashboard: B2B flow chart and B2C flow chart, that relate, respectively, to Opportunity flow and Abandoned shopping cart flow.
The chart visualizes the overall progress of the respective workflow: the funnel shows what is the total value of entities that are in various steps of the workflow, and the outcome of the funnel shows the total value of entities that have reached the "final" step of the flow since the first day of the current quarter. E.g., for the B2B flow the chart will show as the funnel total budget amount of opportunities in "Qualify" step, then total budget amount of opportunities in "Develop" step, and as the outcome of the funnel there will be total budget amount of lost opportunities and total close amount of won opportunities.

Performance improvements

Magento integration performance has been improved in terms of both capacity and speed. Now it is possible to download up to 0.5M records in 13–15 hours

Other improvements

Synchronization of the channel can now be launched directly from the channel view.
The responsive cell design has been applied to Contact View screen. Now if the page is re-sized, the columns count will be reduced from 4 to 2, and then to 1, in order to keep columns not too narrow.

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