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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 1.0.0-rc2

Refactored Flexible Workflows

The idea is to simplify creation and management of the complex workflows that have more than one related entity (e.g. in B2B workflow these are Leads and Opportunities) by adding a restriction that a workflow can have only one main entity (e.g. new B2B workflow called Sales Activity). Note that the Sales Activity entity does not have any value by itself (it even cannot be created directly from the grid) and is meaningful only in the context of the workflow, when there’s a connection to a Lead and/or an Opportunity.
Note that the functionality for this release is not complete: The workflow can only be started from the existing Lead or Opportunity which have to be created in advance. The complete vision for this workflow anticipates more elaborate form for starting transition that will allow users to start flow either with an existing Lead/Opportuinity record, or to create such entity on the fly.

Embedded forms

This feature allows developers to create embedded forms that can used in third-party websites in order to collect data directly into OroCRM and have workflows around the data collected. These forms can be set up to maintain the look & feel of a target website.
The package for embedded forms contains two examples of such forms: generic Contact Request form and a Magento Contact Request form that uses Magento CE CSS in its appearance. The latter form also has an OroCRM workflow attached to data records generated from it, serving as an example of the use case for embedded form data collection.

Account merging

Users will now be able to merge up to 5 account records at a time into one account, with a simple and easy-to-use GUI tool. This tool allows user to specify master record (i.e., the record where all other accounts will be merged to), and to choose the source for every attribute of the resulting record. For the relation attributes (like Contacts or Tags) a strategy – replace or append – can be specified.


We have added the ability to upgrade existing installations of OroCRM. To upgrade follow the instructions in file. This process will be automated in future releases.

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