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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 1.10.14

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • Added Duplicated Contacts grid view
  • Improved Magento Customers grid performance
  • Improved Leads grid performance
  • Improved Tasks grid performance
  • Implemented Dotmailer Extension Enhancement
  • Fixed Unpredictable data sorting on Calls grid
  • Fixed New contact is not found in autocomplete
  • Fixed Impossible to send email via System Email Box
  • Fixed Send email autocomplete does not work
  • Fixed "Is Empty" Datagrid filter doesn’t work for PostgreSQL
  • Fixed Show the fresh entity change history
  • Fixed Invalid check of target fields in add*InverseRelation
  • Fixed Several data audit grids on the same page
  • Fixed Process linked entity during the import, if the value is Null
  • Fixed Recent calls dashboard widget does not works after upgrade to 2.0
  • Fixed On Activity List "Add Context" button doesn’t work after widget was expanded
  • Fixed ‘Budget amount’ is changed on closing ‘Opportunity’ through workflow
  • Removed unexpected order by ID from entities’ grids
  • Fixed MailChimp synchronization fails
  • Fixed Layout messes up under filter activation on "Select Contacts" form
  • Fixed Widget “Campaigns By Close Revenue ”: Total $ for campaign are shown for opportunities Closed Lost.
  • Fixed Widget “Campaigns Leads”: Values for campaign are shown incorrectly for “today” date range.
  • Fixed Widget "Opportunities By Status": the values are shown and counted incorrectly for selected “Date range”
  • Fixed Widget "Average Lifetime Sales" is not working correctly with empty custom date
  • Fixed Widget "Forecast": Opportunities with probabilities 0%, 100% are not used in calculations
  • Fixed "Start Opportunity Management Flow" ignores a previously inputted Probability
  • Fixed Opportunities "in progress" with empty, and 100% probability are not shown in forecast widget and report
  • Fixed Report/Segment builder add unexpected Order by to final query

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