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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 1.10.2

List of fixes and improvements

• fixed OroCRM loading fails with non UTF-8 characters in emails
• Improved performance of My Emails grid with default 100 records per page
• fixed of Symfony 2.8.10 bug
• Added support comma for Call duration
• Added default translations to select2 extend
• Fixed Incorrect table to class map in EntityMetadataHelper
• Datagrid rendering improvements
• Added force Resync parameter for IMAP synchronization command
• Fixed filter does not work if two or more conditions are applied…
• Fixed JmsJob queue slow opening
• Fixed status filter breaks sorting for saved Grid view
• Fixed fullcalendar AMD module name
• Enabled field level ACL for new API for POST and PATCH
• Fixed error of migration ConvertPhoneNumberInPhone during upgrade to last version
• Fixed not possible to create lead via REST API
• Fixed incorrect Magento API requests during attempts
• Fixed Magento Order Sync action does not sync order information
• Fixed field level ACL doesn’t affect the Workflows Transitions
• Fixed duplicated threads on Account view
• Fixed Load page performance degradation
• Fixed unexpected slow HTML Sanitiser
• Refactored get email body text
• Fixed B2B customer, address removal by CSV import update
• Fixed B2B customer import, State full name, association
• Fixed relative referenced dependency prevents override
• Fixed Emails are not coming through icon once Synced- Yahoo

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