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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 1.2.0-rc1

Improvements to Customer view

In 1.2 release, Magento Customer view is noticeably improved. The idea behind the changes was that we wanted to make it more in line with 360° approach that we are using for Account and Contact views. The view now features a location map widget, and full history of Orders and Shopping Carts that are related to this Customer. These changes should greatly improve the experience of working with Customer data, especially when you are considering a direct sales approach such as placing an order from the Customer page.

Improvements to display of Magento data

The most noticeable improvement will be removal of per-channel division of Web Customers, Orders, and Shopping Carts in the navigation menu – all records of these entities are now accessed via single pages with "unified" grids. Also, the column sets of each grid has been changed as well:
Web Customers grid now features Channel, as well as the lifetime value of the Customer, and country and state of customer’s default billing address.
Shopping Carts grid features the same Channel, and billing country and state. Note that the latter two are taken from the particular cart, and can differ from customer’s default.
Orders grid was enriched not just by Channel, but by Website as well. In addition to existing Total paid, Grand total and Sub total amounts were added. Finally, billing country and state were added, too.
All these additional attributes can be used as filters.

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