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Release Notes

The Open-Source OroCRM for Commerce and the OroPlatform

OroCRM 1.9.3

List of improvements and fixes:

  • Removed possibility to generate an API key for other users of the system while logged in as a user that should not have permission to perform those actions.
  • Fixed attachments of some special types that were not shown in comments
  • Added possibility to export and import select fields using labels
  • Fixed issue with date filters in reports/segments. Now possibility to use weeks, moths, years, days for date variables in reports and segments has user friendly UI.
  • Removed dependency on symfony/icu
  • Fixed incorrect validation messages in import dialog
  • Added possibility to save set of filters in the grid view
  • Fixed issue with processing custom email field on the B2B Customer
  • Fixed filter by custom multiselect fields in the grid
  • Fixed issue in Magento sync related to invalid XML because of special symbols present in data
  • Fixed missing "Update" button in some grid filters
  • Fixed issue with user login after upgrade to the 1.9.2 in case when "Orders over time" widget was added to the default dashboard
  • Fixed calculation of "Weighted pipeline amount" sub-widget
  • …and more

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